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What If You Challenged Everything You Believe & Finally Became Free?

November 13, 20192 min read


What if I told you that letting go of control is what will bring you the freedom and peace of mind you’re really looking for?

What if control became associated with conscious decision making rather than consistent restraint?

What if you chose even for a moment to release all the definitions, actions, & thoughts associated with controlling your body, your food, your life...what would be different?

What if the thought of giving up control didn’t make you feel anxious but empowered you instead?

What if you challenged everything you’ve been taught to believe about health, weight, your body, size, shape, food, eating...?

What if when you stand in front of a mirror the reflection you see is actually reality & you realize you’re allowed to love the way you look now?

What if you felt everything in your life so deeply and chose to heal it without stigma, that there was never a need to turn to external sources like food or exercise or restriction to feel in control of your life?

What if you just decided right now to release the rules, expectations, & fears of judgment so you could feel truly free? ❤️

Really, what’s the worst that could happen?

If you’re struggling now, trying the same thing over and over to feel a sense of control, beauty, fulfillment, validation, happiness, or you name it... what harm can really come from committing to a new way of thinking?

What if you changed your thoughts, beliefs, actions, and habits despite the pain, pushback, doubts, fear, and chaos that it can evoke within you and it actually changed the entire course of the rest of your life?
You are SO deserving of more love my friends, give yourself permission to give to yourself and receive it from yourself
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