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What Not to Bring With you into the New Decade

December 17, 20192 min read


Why not just leave it behind us the rest of today? And tomorrow? And the next?

Why not just start flexing those self-love and mindset muscles now so come 2020 the v2.0 of you is already kicking ass?

Not gunna preach when you should or shouldn’t start your goals but I will say if you’ve been battling with these things for a long time, you can change it and you can change it starting now

Need help?

I have 3 options for you:
1. Join my On-Demand Mindset Coaching Platform to receive instant support and mentorship based on a specific struggle you’re dealing with related to body image, motivation/discipline, goals, negative self-talk, and food relationship (link in comments)
2. Apply for my Food Relationship Healing & Discovery journal program with 1:1 coaching and 24/7 access to me
3. Contact me to discuss how we can work together to take your mindset to the next level focusing on all aspects of your inner world supporting your external experiences so you can show up for yourself every day bringing your best and becoming your best

It’s never “too late” and I don’t believe in “lost causes” so don’t message me asking me if I think you’re a lost cause, I definitely won’t

But do message me letting me know what’s going on for you so I can determine if and how I can help you

When I was overcoming many of my mental challenges I’d ask myself if I still want to have them in 5-10 years and what it would be like if I did

That certainly got my ass in gear every time

I committed to changing my reality day in and day out so one day I wouldn’t have to anymore

Now I am in “maintenance” and “growth” mode. I’m not constantly dealing with the issues that once weighed on me

I just focus on continuing my conscious choices, thoughts, and behaviors WHILE focusing on my next level growth and versions of myself

Why wait?

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