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What Would You Be Doing Differently Right Now if You Truly Loved Yourself?

May 26, 20191 min read


Simple lil Journal Prompt for your self-love journey. Comment 1 thing below!❤️

By placing ourselves in an identity that we want to be in we create a simulation in our mind that allows us to experience it.

This then gives us greater clarity to creating it and stepping into the identity

You may discover the things you need to stop, start, or reevaluate

Maybe you’ll see that there are new boundaries, beliefs, or habits you need

Possibly people, places, or items we need to let go of or even let in

The more we tune into our ideal situation the more that is revealed about our current situation

Sometimes it requires a complete 180° shift from us. Other times it can be a small tweak

Regardless, we must be willing to not only make it but commit to it in order to fulfill the needs we have

I’d love to know, what is one thing for you that you would be doing differently?⤵️

Need some ideas for ways to love yourself? I created a cute lil printable with 18 ways to love yourself and it’s free on my website 🙂

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