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When They Ask for More After You Have Given Everything, Can You Still Say 'Okay, Thank You?'

September 22, 20192 min read

When They Ask for More After You Have Given Everything, Can You Still Say 'Okay, Thank You?'

Can’t help but look in the mirror and see myself like modeling clay
A lil here, lil there, less here, more there

Then it all starts to reveal itself and I think okay now a lil more here and a lil more there

The process is really never ending

One of the greatest rewards bodybuilding has given me is patience

You can work your butt off for months on end building and building, step on stage, and realize you got more work to do

Isn’t that life though?

Always room for improvement?!

I believe it’s all about how you look at it

Some people will be told to bring more to the table and think
“Are you serious!? More!! I’ve given so much and this still isn’t enough!?”

While others will say,
“Yes! Omg thank you for recognizing & encouraging me to see that more growth is possible! I’ll take on the challenge because I love this. I am enough now & know that because I’m enough I can bring even better!”
Very different energies
Very important to recognize which space you’re in most frequently

I hear a lot of people of all sorts of professions or hobbies say they’ll stop when they don’t love the game anymore

But I think that many people never have strong reasons or find their reasons to love the game they’re playing in the first place

Which ultimately, in my opinion, allows that love to last a lot longer

It has to go deeper than surface level, all games of life, whatever game you’re playing, it can’t just be about the game or winning or doing something fun or even negative motives like filling a void

Has to go DEEPER, do you agree??

There’s a reason you’re showing up day in and day out, right? So, what is it?

I will be going through some powerful exercises, with my event attendees next month, to help you really peel back the layers & bring you to your core reasons (you can click here for event details if this interests you)

Also, I am getting closer and closer to launching something I’ve been working on for the past couple months now

I can’t wait to introduce it to the competition world. Nothing like it exists yet

I have a few clients testing it out for me first to give me their first impressions and review their experience

Lots going on, stay tuned 🤩

Celeste Rains-Turk

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