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When Will you Ditch the Cheat Mentality?

April 06, 20212 min read


I fell victim to the cheat day mentality when I first started my fitness journey. I thought it was healthy and normal to eat “clean” all week then eat as much “bad”/“off limits” food as possible one day of the week (only the weekend of course!!)

I demonized foods and restaurants and experiences in an effort to maintain an ego driven standard of perfection 6/7 days of the week.

I thought that’s what “everyone who is fit and successful does” until I realized how much pain it was causing me.

Physically I would be uncomfortably full and even have bruise like pains all over my body, emotionally I’d feel like I could never get timing right for social events or family time because it could only be on x day, and mentally I’d restrict myself from anything all week only to find myself fixating on it to the point where it was stealing my focus and energy from other important things.

We need to stop the cheat day mentality and choose an every day mentality.

My every day mentality I commit to is that I can have anything and everything I want in any quantity every day as long as I’m listening to, honoring, and loving my body as well as my goals.

This is in short form as there are other commitment statements and identity shifts I made to truly find my happy as a competitive athlete in bodybuilding.

I am so passionate about helping other athletes tune up their mindset and resolve their relationship with food because I want to see more athletes feeling amazing, free, fulfilled and empowered rather than trapped or out of control when not perfect.

I hope these 3 tips and a bit of my story support you in releasing the cheat day mentality and embracing that every day can and needs to be consistent for lasting results and longevity.

I made a free food relationship coaching series with tons of psychoeducation, resources, and direct support from me on eating (and much of what happens as a competitor) you can enroll in the free coaching series at

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