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When you Feel Like Giving Up...

April 03, 20221 min read

 When you Feel Like Giving Up...

When you feel like giving up, what usually goes through your head?

maybe it is too hard, too unrealistic, too good to be true?

maybe it is that you are not worthy, deserving, or capable?

maybe it is that you have failed so many times before, so why bother now?

When that doubt kicks in, I encourage you to consider all the ways you have proven yourself wrong in the past, all the ways you are capable of achieving the results you desire, and all the ways you are prepared to keep advancing or improving now.

When you feel it is too hard or demanding, think of all the hard things you have made it through before that you didn't think you would be able to overcome.

When it feels unrealistic, set goals for the version of you that has already achieved this one. Creating a next level, a higher upper limit, you can see a future for the version of you who has accomplished the goal at hand.

If it feels too good to be true or like you are not worthy or deserving, I encourage you to think about what would make you more worthy or deserving? what makes you unworthy now? are these fair expectations? is there truth in these statements and beliefs?

If this is helpful for you, I hope you will share with me in the future how you overcame any of these. Of course, if you would like more support, feedback, insight, or guidance, you can learn ways to work with me HERE 🤗❤️


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