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Which Door do you Choose?

November 08, 20221 min read


if someone you trust told you to walk into a pitch black room that has 3 doors, one of which is an exit, and you have as much time as you need in there to find your way out but there is absolutely a way, you might go in there, bump into some things, go through the wrong door, doubt if there really are 3 doors, question where you are or how close you are to something, or how the room is able to be this dark...

but you know full well there is an exit you just have to find it you might feel less scared than if you walk into that room having no idea if there is a way out

I try to imagine my most painful moments in life as these pitch black rooms

It may seem like i will never find the way out, and i will likely experience a lot of pain and doubt in the process, but once i find that door, i will experience triumph and relief

If you are in the darkest room you have ever been in and doubting if there is really a way out, connect to your faith, know that every room you feel stuck in has a way out even if you cant see it, trust that it is there and you will get out. make friends with the darkenss and accept that

it will make the task of finding your way out difficult but it is also going to teach you how much you value even the smallest gleam of light

Celeste Rains-Turk

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