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Which will you try first?

March 18, 20211 min read


Personally I set intentions every day and I find I address shoulds automatically when they come up now but incubating myself has not always come easy because I get soooo entrenched in ideas and work mode

Lately I’ve been using this diamond by numbers activity that I started awhile ago but hadn’t done in awhile and left at the old house with the fire but recently went back and grabbed it!

I haven’t journaled much since my mom passed as I’ve been getting thoughts out more about that than the usual personal development style journaling I usually do

And I have been giving myself more time to step back and breathe or relax or just feel things or do nothing but I find that’s been hard too

I find it Interesting how many thoughts have gone through my head about life. Seems that’s common after a death, to think about life as a whole

But I’ve really got gratitude for having my business and schoolwork because these things all require my presence and remind me of my purpose which can be hard to remember when I’m feeling meh but when I do the work, it helps me and I can come out the other side better off

Similarly when I incubate myself with an activity or watching videos or going outside I can come back even more refreshed

I’d love to hear your ideas! Maybe things you do? Or things you’d like accountability to try? I got you! Just let me know and I’ll check back in with you :)

If you’re looking for more ideas you can download the 18 ways to love yourself cute little printable You can find here:



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