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Who I Am...Self-Loathe to Self-Love

May 02, 20192 min read



It’s been awhile, since I’ve shared my story and really introduced myself.

I am an online fitness coach, self-love, confidence, & mindset mentor helping people Build More than Just a Body by aligning inner work with physical results

I help women all over the world make peace with food, their bodies, and their life
I transformed my own life from one of self-loathe to one of self-love.

Through my deepest pains of depression, suicidal tendencies, as well as anxiety, a poor relationship with food, and a negative body image, I broke free from my demons & found my passions!

Fitness & nutrition played a huge role in my journey and led me to discover how much deeper than surface level this journey really is.

I developed an interest & love for psychology, personal development, food freedom, wellness, behavior change, & identity work.

Aside from being a certified personal trainer who studied clinical nutrition & dietetics before switching my degree to psychology;

I am also the #1 best-selling self-help author of “Believe your way to Badass” and the host of the “Confessions of a Bikini Pro” podcast.

But beyond doing what I love everyday

I also love art, nature, travel, spirituality, music, & being a home body.

But in all honesty, I don’t consider myself separate from business, mindset, fitness, or any of those things.

I feel like it’s all an extension of me & into me.

My business (clients, followers, listeners, readers, etc), my life, my friends, my relationship, my family are what mean the most to me.

I feel like social media has been an evolution of myself documented for the world to see and through all the blessings, hardships, growth pains, and rewards, not a day goes by where I don’t wake up smiling anymore.

I’m grateful. I’m healthy. I’m happy. I’m free.

All because I woke up one day and decided to love myself

And you can too

Many of my best self-love practices and principles were developed at the beginning stages of my journey and I’m going to be teaching them on my Free LIVE online self-love and body acceptance workshop February 17th at 5pm PST.

If you can’t make it, I’ll have the replay available for those who are registered. I hope to see you there! You can click below to register now!

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