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"Why am I Always Thinking About Food?" How Dieting, Scarcity Mindset, and Fixation all Come Into Play

August 18, 20191 min read


“I Can’t Stop Thinking About Food!!” Sound familiar?
Here’s why it is happening!
BTW I don’t know if I’ve ever been able to be so brief in something so complex many of you all know i like to be too elaborate?

But my goal was to make the psychology behind this very simple to understand!
•Eating is Life Sustaining so the Brain rewards you for the behavior of eating with various neurotransmitters (like dopamine!)
•Taking food away for a cut, prep, deficit, or any form of elimination causes the brain to go into scarcity mindset
•Scarcity mindset says, “oh no! There’s no food, there’s not as much, there’s not enough, we need more!!”
•Eating becomes a priority to the brain as it fears it won’t be fed. So it forces you to fixate on it
This could explain your constant thoughts about food, talking about it all the time, smelling it, scrolling or watching food shows, urges to eat everything in sight, or even going off plan
I like to believe that with education we gain perspective and this helps us take something that feels overwhelmingly part of us and turn it into a tangible thing to work through, understand, and address!
Did you love this?
Does it make more sense now?
Let me know!
Need support with your relationship with food? Send me an email let’s see if & how we can work together??

PS of course this is a very condensed version of various psychological and eating principles & it definitely can go much deeper than this

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