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Why I Don't Like the Phrase 'Food Will Always Be There'

March 06, 20202 min read

Why I Don't Like the Phrase 'Food Will Always Be There'

“Food will always be there” is 1 of my LEAST favorite sayings

So many competitors say that to each other when dieting or reverse dieting as though it’s some magical way to resolve / get rid of the urge to eat something

I mostly hate this phrase bc it usually works against the intention it’s used for & increases the “but I can’t have it right now” scarcity mentality that leads to fixation & then often binge behavior

But I also hate it because is it really even true?

I mean, consider why it’s so hard to believe it or consider why many of the girls who say this end up eventually knee deep in it later

As a competitor, is food really “always” there?

I mean sure it’s there physically & you can go to the store or order it

But are you reallllllly doing that or going to?

For me, this phrase just doesn’t work because the truth is in my improvement season the food will be there & I’ll be indifferent about it and in prep it’ll be there but I’m not likely to try to “work it in” my plan

But in prep I tend to “want” it more because it’s a less frequent part of my life/not really entertainable (hence why I want it more)

Whenever I hear this phrase I think... “sooo when you’re done competing or dieting or whatever it is you’re doing you’re just gunna go to all these dinners, brunches, & order all these foods because it’s always been there & now you finally can??”

It’s just highly unlikely this will work or you’ll actually engage in this behavior & if you do it may not be in a productive way bc you haven’t been able to practice it, work on normalization of all foods, or even redefine your relationship to it so u feel free to do so w/o stressing over numbers

Usually I don’t see this mindset work for people longterm

If the only reason you’re not eating a food is because “it’ll always be there” you’re not really sending the signal of freedom of choice to your mind-it’s always circumstantial (IIFYM, haven’t eaten, celebration etc) never just “bc it’s here & I want it” which is the situation most ppl use the phrase in👀🙃

You’re really sending the signal of “that’s why you restrict it or say no to it now” which again usually increases urges


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