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Why I Removed the Labels from My Eating to Make the Most of Every Prep & Improvement Season

July 06, 20202 min read


I’ve had to unlearn more than I’ve had to learn when it comes to my relationship with food

On social media now we are exposed to so many different ways of arriving at a certain result which I believe can be both beneficial as well as detrimental to success in this sport

One person might say bro science is the only way to win & another person might say to track macros, never water cut, & leave all your favorite seasonings & sauces in your plan even up to the day of your show

I have done 6 shows with diff phases before, between, & after

I am a very disciplined person & can follow any meal plan to a T. In fact I don’t even take bites or licks or taste anything out of my plan on prep

But what I’ve come to learn over the many seasons I’ve had, is that when I allow myself & my body to choose what I want within my nutrition needs I sustain my progress much longer

I do not follow a macros approach nor do I follow a meal plan approach as I’ve decided to take those labels away

It’s so easy for us to say I do it this way & it is the only way to do it or for us to read from someone who looks a certain way or achieves a certain result & think that must be the end all be all

I have my own ways now & I’ve truly been able to maintain shape & commitment to the long-term vision because I found what works for me

If I only did what worked for everybody else I don’t believe I would've found the peace & JOY I have now in the process

One of my goals when working with competitors is to help them have the most fulfilling & successful preps & improvement seasons which can look different for everyone

What I might consider successful may not be doable or desirable to someone else
Rather than trying to fit into a label, honor your needs on a mental & physical level

Usually the process looks like this:

  • Awareness

  • Permission

  • Expectations

  • Advocacy

  • Open Mind

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