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Why It's So Hard to Forgive Yourself

December 19, 20182 min read


Have you ever noticed how much easier it is to forgive others than it is ourselves?

How come it is so easy for us to store up anger or guilt around things we have done or said but quick to let it go for family or friends?

Why do we think about the things we messed up and how horrible we are for it but see so much beauty in others despite flaws?


I did a Facebook Live on this yesterday (see video below) but so many people loved it I thought I’d condense it into a post too!

Essentially, the reason it’s so easy to forgive others is because we love them so frikkin much we can accept and move on.
Forgiveness is always easier with love and appreciation.

So how can you love and appreciate yourself more?

What do you need to do to fully love yourself?

This goes so much deeper than more bubble baths, face masks, and digital detoxes
(although I totally think these are great ways to care for yourself!)

It’s about truly learning, healing, and moving forward from these circumstances or mistakes.

We must remember who we truly are and allow ourselves to see that human error is inevitable.

If we do not have a fault, we are likely not human. But our faults contribute to our greatness.

So whatever is eating you up at the moment, feel it, then look at it objectively, and learn the lesson it’s meant to teach you
You didn’t go through it for nothing. Might as well make it benefit you versus destroy you from the inside out.

Not sure how to do this?

I am opening up my calendar for some mini mindset, self love, and personal development breakthrough strategy coaching sessions.

On this call I’ll take you through some powerful release processes based on what it is you bring to the table.

DM me if you’d like to have one of the 10 spots I’m opening.

From there we might see if we are a good fit to continue working together too!

Usually I charge $180 for a coaching call, this one will be on me in hopes you’ll also share the epicness with others by shining your light even brighter ❤️

Hope this was helpful for you today.
Let it all go & head into a new year with more love & appreciation

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