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Why We Need to Stop Labeling Our Food as 'Guilt-Free'

August 14, 20192 min read


Man, I love so many of the products that are labeled this way but I just can’t STAND these types of adjectives for food!

They are perpetuating unhealthy relationships with food as it suggests that other forms of the food are BAD or WORSE

It also suggests that in order to get rid of food guilt, you just have to eat this instead of that

But guilt doesn’t discriminate. Many people fear foods that to most people wouldn’t be fearful of at all


I’m talking to you guiltless grill, & skinnylicious menus🤦🏻‍♀️

Guilt can be experienced from eating any food. It depends on the individual’s identity, beliefs, experiences, conditioning, etc.

Guilt is a psychological phenomenon which becomes present when we act outside of the way we think we should based on our identity and definitions of it

I rarely talk about Diet Culture because I find that those who speak out against it go to insane extremes & I’m way more moderate believe it or not🤣

Diet Culture is changing our choice on foods we eat from “because my body needs, wants & will benefit from this” to “because it is going to make me look better & I won’t have to feel bad about it”

Most people feel bad about it because they think it’s the reason they look the way they do, or aren’t achieving results, or can’t fit in their clothing or because that’s what they ‘should be’ choosing or so & so chooses / recommends

You CAN eat a brownie & not feel guilty

You can eat a protein treat & feel guilty

It’s about the driving force to eat in the first place that determines how we will feel after

If you want to get rid of guilt, feel ‘sinless’, & make a choice that influences your body shape


The more you love your body the more likely it is that you’ll take loving, nourishing, healthy actions for her

We are shutting down our ability to communicate with our body because we make more decisions based on her shape versus her function

This marketing reinforces the belief that less is more, dieting should be perpetual, & our shape is more important than our function

Burn the rules, nourish your body for her health & function, & TRUST HER


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