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Why You Should Come to the Next LIVE Event

December 10, 20192 min read

Why You Should Come to the Next LIVE Event

Me counting the number of seats left at my next LIVE event...damn, we are selling out FAST!

What is that? 1? 2? 3? Well, better reserve your seat now before they all go away!

Are you going to make it? It’s happening January 26th 9am-2pm in LA

Not sure if it’s a good fit for you or even worth your while?

All I can say is that connecting with other like minded individuals is SO much fun and sooo rewarding

It can Help us feel less “alone” which helps us to KEEP GOING

It also gives us a chance to learn from each other which, in anything, is invaluable

And of course, it’s difficult to last in a mentally demanding sport if you’re mindset isn’t primed for longevity

I believe in giving competitors and aspiring competitors a way to improve and mend their relationship with food, their body, and their goals WITHOUT sacrificing their dedication and commitment to being successful in the sport

Meaning, I combine psychology and personal development to help you have the most fulfilling preps and improvement seasons

You’re not just doing 12 week preps anymore. The competition circle has heated up and if you don’t have the mental stamina or drive to set yourself apart, you just won’t

I am taking a couple days to post about the event and invite you to join us because I TRULY believe it’s the missing piece to the competition world puzzle for many athletes

I’ve dedicated my work to this mission & Impact is the objective

As we improve our own inner worlds, our external worlds begin to change

I don’t want to see competitors taken out of what they LOVE due to bad body image, negative self talk, unhealthy relationship with food, limiting beliefs, & other related mental struggles

You can Check my last post for more details!

To reserve your tickets you can Click HERE

The page also includes an FAQ section but you’re more than welcome to just reach out

Celeste Rains-Turk

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