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Why You Should Evaluate your Plan and Make Sure you Really Love it

December 03, 20192 min read

Why You Should Evaluate your Plan and Make Sure you Really Love it

Such an important part of being consistent is actually enjoying what you do

And in bodybuilding, that means mostly enjoying what you eat since that’s such an integral and necessary part of building your body and if you’re in this for the long run you’re going to be eating a LOT
Me and Maya Astabie talk about this on her upcoming episode for Confessions of a Bikini Pro and Casey Samsel also shares how she has been able to maintain longevity in the sport with consistency and enjoying food!

So I figured in the spirit of talking about adherence I would share one of the cards from my competitor card deck!

The deck consists of 45 cards;
15 Action/Coaching Prompt Cards (like this one)
15 Affirmation/I am statement cards
15 introspective question/ journal prompt cards
I made it with competitors in mind to have something they can use as a wallpaper or quickly pull up on their phone

I outline a few other ways you can use the card deck on the page where you can download them for free

Click here to download them 🙂
Super simple and you’ll get immediate access to the cards

Not gunna lie...I even have them on my safari tabs in my phone 😛
The feedback I’ve received from these have been AMAZING and I figured I’d let those of you who didn’t know they exist that they do!

Covering topics like food, body image, mindset, self-love, and more. You know, all my usual bread and butter topics 😉
Download them now and then tag me when you use! I LOVE seeing you guys implementing and taking action!

Which never surprises me because competitors are super dedicated and driven to improve and succeed 9x out of 10! 😋 (ok I don’t have the real stats but you feel me!)
Click here to get them now!

Celeste Rains-Turk

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