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Why You Shouldn't Compare How Much You Are Eating to Others

December 28, 20182 min read


Don’t judge yourself on how much you eat every day compared to someone else.

Different sizes
Different history
Different beliefs
Different circumstances
Different goals
Different meds
Different daily activities
Different needs


They have their own story and you have yours, It’s important to stay true to yours.

Honor yourself by allowing your needs to be a priority regardless of how it stacks up with others.

The comparison, doubt, and shame game just isn’t conducive to your growth.

Find what you need, what works, and what you enjoy and roll with it.

If you don’t know where to start, hire a coach who can help you.

But absolutely, do not, by any means, just follow what the people you see online, or the article on google said is best.

I’m happy to help you get started on the right track and even see if we could be a good fit to work together.

I am offering free phone consults on ways to approach your nutrition in sustainable, goal fulfilling ways.

This is a 10 minute call where I’ll gain an understanding of you, your needs, your past, and of course your goals.

Throughout the call and at the end I’ll give you very implementable action steps to follow that make sense specifically for you.

Then before we say goodbye we might even set up another call to touch base, see how things are going, and discuss options for continuing your progress together.

You can book your call here:

the form / calendar it will say it is a 30 minute call, this is not true.

It is 10 minutes but I block out 30 on the calendar Incase of tech difficulties, weird setbacks like stubbing your toe (or traffic i guess), and to give myself plenty of time to prep for the next call as I have to get in the right energetic space to serve at a high level

🙂 chat soon!

CLICK HERE to book or you can feel free to shoot me a message and we will set something up together!

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