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Will Tracking Macros Heal your Relationship with Food?

May 08, 20212 min read


While the intention behind encouraging someone to take a macro counting approach to their diet or lifestyle is normally with GREAT intentions,

it’s not enough to heal someone’s relationship with food which has likely been harmed by constant reinforcement of the good v bad food mentality, connection to body image and self-worth, perpetuation of what’s deemed necessary for success,

and even beyond that you could be looking at past experiences, stress, inability to cope, resistance to letting go of behaviors that while sabotaging also serve them in some way, and of course the overwhelm that can come from shifting from following a meal plan to suddenly having to figure out what to eat to meet xyz requirements

But sure, slap a bandage on it

I’m not here to shit on macro counting

It’s helped me quite a bit in my own journey with food as it allowed me to normalize so many foods I once demonized which IS A MAJOR BENEFIT and I won’t deny that

But what if I told you that I’ve worked with more macro tracking clients in my food relationship program than meal plan followers?


Not to say meal plan followers don’t have their issues...that’s for another day

But obsessive fixation on numbers, food, perfection... no matter how you slice it, can present issues

Benefits of macro counting are abundant

Benefits of meal plans are abundant

Benefits of combined approaches and intuitive eating and mindful eating...abundant

Reasons for unhealthy relationships with food and body outside of food itself...abundant

It’s not fair to say macros “should” solve someone’s relationship with food because then when it doesn’t for them, they’ll only feel more defeated and hopeless

Trust me, I wish it was THAT easy

I’d like to be out of my job due to macros or meal plans or intuition

But for some reason, I’m not👀

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