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Willpower is too Fatiguing to Work

March 24, 20212 min read


Willpower is fatiguing, Passion is freeing, & self-awareness is sustainable

If you want long term success, know your values & connect to them every day

If you want consistency, create congruency between your actions, ideal self, & positive emotions

If you want to be proud of yourself, set intentions and fulfill them each day

If you want to get results, they have to mean something to you that goes well beyond surface level—not even just physique related but in everything; others expectations, money, fame...

People will tell you you need more will power, but you know that is fleeting, otherwise it would’ve worked by now, no?

To progress, you can’t rely on willpower. You have to step up to the plate and do the inner work to learn about yourself, work through limiting beliefs or behaviors, and commit every day to something better

Your reality will never change just by “trying harder to resist”. This will tire you out

When I used to practice ju jitsu my sensei told me something someone told him which originally came from Saulo Ribeiro, “if you think, you’re late. If you’re late, you muscle. If you muscle, you’re tired. If you’re tired, you die”

In application here:

if you rely on your automatic thoughts to save you, when they never have, they won’t—you need to peel back layers and work to establish new ones

If you don’t have those in place you’ll think will power will do it, which will fatigue you

If you’re fatigued from willpower then you’ll likely fall into old, comfortable patterns— exhaustion is not optimal for new efforts

We all know where this goes, the pattern repeats because it was never truly addressed or interrupted

It’s a dangerous game to tell others or yourself to use willpower when you haven’t established the disciplines you can be accountable to outside what you think you “should” do

You need techniques. I specialize in helping others make the most of their season by combining psychology & personal development

I’m not your average “mindset coach” either. Get ready to really dig deeper & BUILD MORE THAN JUST A BODY

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