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You Are Not Anymore Wrong or Right Than Someone Else For How You Are Coping

April 21, 20202 min read


Man my heart was hurting last week

It hit me so hard and all at once

Standing over my oatmeal in the kitchen with a crashing wave of emotion overcoming me

Everything going on, the impact, the influence, the realities for so many all over the world

I’ve been so focused on the positives, the innovation, triumphs, opportunities, breakthroughs, & all these incredible things coming from this

I’ve felt blessed for my life not being that different

But I can celebrate these positives and get excited by them and still feel the weight of others

Things hit us all differently and in their own time

Some of us haven’t felt this the way others have, some haven’t felt it at all, some will feel it eventually, & some may never feel it

No one is right or wrong for how they’re going through these changing times and it’s important that we remember that before pointing fingers about someone not being empathetic “enough” or considerate “enough” or in “enough” pain based on how they live or what they post, say, or do

If we truly believe and accept that everyone is always going through something because we are all humans then we can feel connected in an instant

But now we can feel more connected than ever because there’s a common denominator among us all

Judging one another for how we “cope” only adds to the problem

If you want to see a rise in empathy, compassion, care, & love then be willing to provide that before asking others to

More often than not, we all could use some more love!

I’ll be opening up more about where this was all coming from soon
❤️ How are you hanging in?

PS I have a virtual girls night out planned on Saturday night for anyone who wants to get together & have fun, laugh, play games n just chit chat to hold space & support each other through CONNECTION during this time 😊
I think it’ll be really fun to bring a group or like minded, kind, & open women all together! You don’t have to be a competitor!

It won’t be as personal development, mindset, & growth focused as my usual live trainings because I really just want this to be a fun girls time

If you want to join other amazing women & me to literally just hang out on my zoom room & video chat then email me and I’ll send you the private link 😊
Not posting publicly for the sake of keeping it a safe & carefree space 💆🏻‍♀️
Hope to see you there❤️

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