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You Can Be A Competitor AND Have a Healthy Relationship with Food and Your Body

September 07, 20202 min read

 You Can Be A Competitor AND Have a Healthy Relationship with Food and Your Body

Contrary to popular anti-diet culture & common mental health world beliefs, you actually CAN be a competitor with a healthy relationship with food & body image

Don’t agree?

I’d be happy to show you some examples & even help you be one of them

Now, if we went by definitions alone, the majority of the fitness industry might qualify as being disordered in their thoughts of their body, food, & overall approach to life

BUT I believe in looking further than that

As I pursue my Masters Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling it’s become increasingly apparent that considering the WHOLE person is not only necessary but integral in resolving challenges

This ideology is not new to my current approach, which is part of why I’ve been successful in helping myself & others make peace

My goal is to bridge the gap between competitors & mental health

I want competitors to be given the attention & support they deserve WITHOUT being told they HAVE to give up something they love

I believe it is possible to pursue this sport & LOVE all of it without suffering common consequences such as body image, food relationship, & over attachment to external validations

While they are common & inevitable to some degree, I do believe in providing coaching, resources, & guidance to be able to move through these issues & get AHEAD of them before they get the best of YOU

Of course we have to consider physiological approaches in this too like the diet you‘re on & the training you’re dedicated to as well as other personal variables within your own health history & genetics & for some, their choices in the pursuit of excellence

So, how is it possible for me to believe so strongly that we can CHANGE the current norm for competitors?

I’ve done it, many of my clients have & are doing it, & if I didn’t truly believe it I wouldn’t be giving everything to my mission to help others


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Of all things your mind shouldn’t be what holds you back from succeeding in this sport💆🏻‍♀️

Celeste Rains-Turk

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