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You Can't be a Winner if You're Afraid of Being at the Top

January 23, 20194 min read

You Can't be a Winner if You're Afraid of Being at the Top

You’ll never win if you’re uncomfortable with the idea of being at the top

You say you want to win, you have the will to win, and you even think you should win

But then when the moment comes, you fall short

If you can’t fathom the idea of being on top, taking others coveted goals and dreams, and being ranked as the best

You’re not going to be a true winner

I know many people, including myself, have turned down their greatness so others could shine

Sometimes feeling like;
I can’t be x, y, AND z because then people who are only x will feel bad

But fuck that

You wanna be the best?

Show up and make it known that you are fully aware that being the best means believing you deserve the best.

Telling someone else, “aw you should totally win, you look amazing”, isn’t going to send the vibration that you believe you are the winner (THERE IS ONLY ONE)

Shutting up because you don’t want others to feel like they have nothing to say, is not going to make you an award winning speaker

Erasing your words because you don’t want others to feel like they’re incapable of writing, is not going to make you a best-selling author

Hiding your relationship, body, money, or brain because you can’t be someone who ‘has it all’ is not going to bring more of that into your life

Taking this out of competing or basics of life, since so many of us are so emotionally attached to it, here’s what I’m saying...

Imagine if a baker walked into a baking championship and said, “oh, shit I’m the worst baker here” and then the best baker said “oh, nooo honey I’m sorry here let me help you by not pre-heating my oven”


Because the worst one was still not prepared to be on top and the best one felt guilty for being the best despite her previous efforts that got her in the running for the top spot


Don’t expect to win if you’re not even ready to step up on the podium and own it, wear the crown, or take a picture by yourself center stage

You’ll win when you’re ready, prepared, and cable of receiving the win

And even when you think you are, someone else might still end up on top, can you accept that, and congratulate them for their win?!

While also being prideful of your wins in the journey, and use it as more fuel for your fire?

Winning doesn’t just come to the people who show up every day, kill it, and then make it known by showtime that they can’t be beat

Plenty of people who have cheated on their programs, didn’t practice much, and slacked a few more times than the person who placed last have WON

Plenty of people who have given everything and more, looked in peak shape, and presented their best, have placed DEAD LAST

Winning something like a bikini competition is not always about who was the most disciplined, positive, recovered, motivated, or symmetrical

You can win every day leading up to the competition and walk away with nothing

But, is that enough for you?

Is it enough to know that you have given everything you could?

Can you mentally handle the fact that someone who told you they didn’t, or were just trying it out, or isn’t even sure they are going to compete again; WON

Despite your deep love and passion for the sport?

Is it fulfilling enough for you to just do what you love and commit to yourself day in and day out?

Does someone else’s win make you feel like a loser?

In order to be a winner, we must not only be able to recognize our wins and celebrate them as they come, but we must also be humble enough to know when we did not deserve the top spot despite our own top conditioning and commitment.

For info on my online mindset, self-love, and confidence coaching; send me a Message and we will talk about your goals to see what will be the best action plan for you!

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