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You Have to Really Love Bodybuilding to Succeed in It

November 08, 20192 min read

 You Have to Really Love Bodybuilding to Succeed in It

You have to really love this sport to succeed, Agree?

I don’t mean love it just to become a crowned champion with swords, trophies, medals, and tiaras

I mean love it to be a real champion for it

Have a passion that transcends the bounds of excuses, judgement, or difficulty

The kind of love for the sport that can acknowledge what’s required, bring that to the stage, & even when not rewarded in the physical sense, you can still feel validated because you love the journey you’ve been on

Loving this sport isn’t all about the vanity or the potential for a title or opportunity
But loving the community, the discipline, the hardship, & the standards

I think this is key for success in the sport because success is really about fulfilling a need or desire for feeling accomplished

Of course, have that pro card in mind, picture yourself getting that olympia qualification, imagine being crowned overall champion

But have a deeper reason for all of it so even if the dream isn’t realized you still feel accomplished

Because when it comes time to do your incline sprints, plyos, meal prep, macro calculation, posing practice, eating the same thing again & again, turning down food or events, being questioned by people, say no / yes to opportunities, paying $, working through mental issues, immersing yourself in the nature of the sport

The only thing that’s really going to keep you going is loving this

Knowing why you want to achieve something will allow you to feel more connected to the pursuit of it & loving the pursuit of it is what’ll keep you going regardless of results

We know this sport challenges us mentally, physically, & emotionally but the lifestyle itself can exist (to a degree) without the stage

You can learn or have many of the lessons you eventually learn revealed to you through other outlets

It doesn’t take competing to ‘get a rush’
‘see how far you can push yourself’
‘be an example for others’
‘find confidence’
‘make friends’
*insert every valuable lesson this sport gives us athletes*
& for those reasons, there has to be a reason you CHOOSE bodybuilding day in & day out
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Celeste Rains-Turk

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