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Your Body isn't the Problem

February 13, 20221 min read


On the surface, you might believe you have a problem with how your body looks or is responding.

but if you peel back the layers a bit more.

you’ll probably find that it’s not your body image that’s causing issues…

it’s the ideals, beliefs, identity, and standards you have chosen to hold yourself to that are acting as harsh critics of where you are rather than fervent advocates of the process you’re committing to every day.

I often remind myself of this when I take my check ins every week.

I ask myself if I’d rather feed into critical voices or transform them and remember that they are there because I have CHOSEN an ideal to hold myself to.

By spending more time embracing the process and enjoying each step I have started to see my body differently.

She’s no longer a representation of what is not yet but rather a symbol of commitment, dedication, resilience…

Same body, same reflection but my shift in perception is what allows me to see positives.

Do you struggle with body image?

As a competitor it’s fairly normal to expect given we literally compete in a sport where our body is judged.

But that doesn’t mean we have to be judgmental.

Would love to hear your experiences or have the opportunity to support you if you’re struggling.

Feel free to DM me @celestial_fit 💜💜


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