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3 Common Causes of Binge-Purge Behaviors and What You Can do About Them

May 14, 20194 min read

3 Common Causes of Binge-Purge Behaviors and What You Can do About Them

There are many reasons for falling into binge-purge behaviors or eating disorders
These three psychological components are common causes for a bout of losing control around food and then wanting to purge through extra exercise, food restriction, or throwing up
Binge-purge behaviors are often associated with the eating disorder bulimia nervosa but not everyone who has these behavior patterns qualified to be diagnosed for the disorder
One or all three of these components are usually present regardless
However, you’re probably wondering what this means and how you can prevent it
I’m going to keep this super simple and providing an implementable solution for each
poor self-concept
How it might influence binge behavior:
EMA research shows that there are usually negative feelings about oneself (consider shame) preceding a binge by a few hours and then following a binge by 20 min or so
Simple action step:
Set a reminder on your phone every 2 hours to reconnect with yourself and affirm positive beliefs, thoughts, and truths about yourself. Find gratitude, love, and acceptance for yourself and your capabilities

omparing yourself to someone else. Making them out to be better or worse than you
How it might influence binge behavior:
ore EMA studies have shown that people who participate in upward comparison more (meaning you scroll on your phone and think ‘she is better than me’) based on shape, size, eating behaviors like amount and healthiness end up engaging in more eating disorder thoughts, urges, and behaviors
Simple action step: 
When you find yourself comparing yourself to someone else, ask yourself to identify facts such as the details behind their body, behavior, or eating. I find meeting irrational thoughts with rational ones shakes us up to realize we are digging our own grave. Then go back to the last step I shared

There’s some debate on if this is self induced threats to ones self-esteem and self-image or if it’s a threat to that based on how it influences others POV on us. Regardless, it’s a threat to our esteem and image
How it might influence binge behavior:
There’s a lot of different research on this one. What it all has boiled down to is that women with unhealthy eating attitudes eat more after a threat to their ego (such as ‘you are a failure’ or any other threat to the persons self) ate more than those with healthier eating attitudes. This was because eating became the stimulus by which people escape self-awareness. I’ve noticed this usually happens with women when they’ve gotten into a cycle of binging then they become less and less connected to themselves because they don’t have much of an identity anymore outside of being someone who binges which threatens their esteem as someone who is fit and healthy and in control or disciplined so the cycle continues
Simple action step:
Know your core values, or as I call them your core soul codes. Research shows that reaffirming your values strengthens self-control and weakens ego threats. (Which of course is because we have more strength rooting us in our values)
I fully believe that by having an understanding of the reasoning for our behaviors as well as implementing simple action steps such as these, we can begin to feel more at peace or find more relief.
However, in my experience as a coach, it’s not always this simple. We have to get to the ROOT of these causes, discover what’s most prominent for you (if any), and determined the best course of action for healing, overcoming, and proactively addressing
The work I do with my clients is detailed, in depth and extensive. I’d love to invite you to work with me
While I do accept 1:1 clients, I only take on 5 every month and can currently take on 2 more
I developed other programs as well such as my food freedom academy, my food freedom discovery and peace making journal specifically developed for people struggling with binging, food labeling, guilt, cravings, constant thoughts of food, etc. And I have my PTG program built to help competitors make peace with food, their body, and their goals
I’d love to figure out what is best suited for you and your current challenges, goals, and needs.

Email me or DM me on social media to determine the best course of action for you based on your current challenges, goals, and needs so we can see how we can work together to help you make peace with food, your body, and your goals
None of these require you to follow a meal or nutrition plan by me. All of these can be implemented while working with other coaches. These are specifically designed to aid you in reconnecting with your body, breaking down the barriers you have with food, and getting to the root of the pain you experience and giving you the exact tools necessary to overcome it with support and guidance along the way from myself

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