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5 Deeper Reasons you are Binge Eating or Overeating + How to Understand & Overcome It! [video included]

April 16, 20194 min read

Binging and Overeating...

This can happen to anyone and I’ve see it happen to people who never saw it coming

Unfortunately, this is all too common for #bikinicompetitors and usually begins after a season or set show is complete

But why does it happen?

It’s not always because you followed a clean eating meal plan

It’s not always because you didn’t eat x,y,z foods for months on end

It’s not always even because you have “no more willpower”

This happens as a result of the psyche

No meal plan can save you from this

I mean, some people even say “I won’t do it again! Tomorrow, no more binging, or late night snacking, or eating everything in sight”
Which in and of itself is a meal plan

A plan for your meals

Here’s the deal.
Many of the things I listed can cause that or make it worse 100% the stats will even tell you that.
The more you restrict the more you build up the desire to binge
Hellooooo making a list on your phone of all the places or treats you’re gunna eat #postshow

Something I see a lot of girls do is try to attack the problem where they can see it

Like playing whack a mole. Instead of turning off the machine they hit the mole Only when it rears it’s head
So what’s the root of this unfortunate cycle?

I made an acronym highlighting 5 key components to overeating/“binging” (not always the same thing!!!)


Beliefs: the truths we hold/live by with regard to ourselves and the world around us

Identity: how we have defined and determined ourselves to be along with the behaviors, actions, and rules that fit that mold

Naming: how we label foods, behaviors, and timelines of our life or expectations

Gaps: the pieces of ourselves or our lives that feel void or have a disconnect to where we want to be

Energy: the power we give to everything around us

Now I could leave it at:

the way we think/ things we believe about ourselves is going to impact our behaviors and our behaviors will either create a positive feeling (if it aligns with our identity and naming while usually closing the gaps) or a negative one (if it doesn’t align with our identity or naming and actually widens the gaps all of which creates guilt)

I could also share that we have reinforcement of behavior that happens with our neurotransmitters by which when we perform a natural task, like eating, a reward is provided (such as energy, comfort, happiness, life) that is motivating enough to keep doing it.

This happens with a release of dopamine when we eat

When we eat meals heavy in carbohydrates we actually even release serotonin just from ANTICIPATING the meal itself and then it spikes even more when eating (hence why we feel like la la la la this is all good while we are doing it and then like poop after)

It’s a literal high

But, I can’t walk into your brain with you and turn these natural faucets off

What I can do though, is work with you to eliminate these urges, behavior patterns, and the action provoking beliefs that trigger overeating or binges

I’m not your therapist, or a recovery specialist and am not going to claim to ‘cure’ an eating disorder

HOWEVER, it is undeniable that many of my clients have significantly transformed their relationship with food while working with me in my food freedom, post-show PTG process based programs, and mindset + self love consulting.

Many of whom have actually experienced a massive shift within the first two weeks that they find themselves capable of sustaining with great freedom and ease

Want to experience a complete shift in your relationship with food, your body, and your goals?

Don’t know where to start?

Fear that most programs won’t allow you to continue with your current coaching programs/meal plan?

I would love to invite you to work with me

My programs work in conjunction with your current meal plan and coaching. Everything provided is solely based on the inner work from your mindset, beliefs, identity, gaps, naming, and relationship to yourself and your body. I do not write meal plans for this

This is a transformation of within that will naturally allow for the physical applications of work and knowledge to emerge and support you in a beautiful way.

It’s not about putting up more barriers, it’s about taking them down and building peace of mind, greater sense of control, and ultimate freedom of mind around / about food

Want to find out how we can work together?

Send me a message now or contact me HERE or on Instagram @celestial_fit and let me know you’re looking for help and we will see if or how I can help you!

Comment below with your main takeaways and share with someone you know who could benefit from this❤️

Celeste Rains-Turk

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