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Always Explaining Yourself/Why You Look a Certain Way?

February 10, 20192 min read

 Always Explaining Yourself/Why You Look a Certain Way?


Sound familiar?

You might be wondering WHY you or others do this!!

Why do so many of us feel the need to justify everything?

Why do we feel the need to say why our body looks the way it does in the picture instead of just being like:

“okay ya this is me now and you don’t need to know if I just ate chicken and veg with a carbonated drink or a gallon of water and asparagus”

I was inspired to write this because I used to do this all the time and then did it recently on my story!😱

I was immediately reminded of the fact that I used to do this because I felt like I had to prove myself all the time.❌

I thought that I always had to present myself a certain way as a trainer or competitor or coach or whatever it might be!

It’s amazing how much ‘image’ can impact our actions! As though we have to share exactly WHY we are doing things.

When really, we should share because we genuinely feel it will help others, not to prove anything to ourselves or justify our actions or our body or status!

It happens all the time, not just online!

Think of all the times you have complimented or confronted someone and they come up w/ a justification for why they are the way they are rather than just taking responsibility/owning it!

I found in the past that I did this when I felt my portrayal may lead others to question my identity.

So if I said “oh this pic is after x meals and x water”

It was a protection mechanism due to fear that someone might think I look bloated or fluffier and then think I’m less of a trainer or coach.

But I was able to release a lot of these old behavior patterns of explaining myself, justifying my actions, or validating who I was/ how I was by addressing the root of where the pattern came from usually beliefs I think others will have of me (usually just my own!)

Which means, I had to adjust the beliefs I have about myself & who I am!

This is where a lot of my deeper work, healing practices, & self love comes in which I‘m excited to teach on my free online self-love & body acceptance workshop in 1 WEEK

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