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Are We Ever Really 'Ready'? There's More that Could Work Against Us Than For Us on Show Day Anyways

May 07, 20192 min read

Are We Ever Really 'Ready'? There's More that Could Work Against Us Than For Us on Show Day Anyways

Are we ever really “ready” for show day?

What does that even mean?

You have no idea who will be standing next to you, who will be at the table in front of you or what’ll happen that day

There’s really so much more that could work against us in the matter of moments than can work for us, if you really think about it:

-Spill over on carb up
-Have too many fats & appear soft
-Pump up too much/too little
-Miss your line up
-No glaze
-Forget an earring
-Hair&MU lookin wonky
-Heel breaking
-Suit popping

I mean, need I say more? I bet so many of you could come up with other examples!

So what makes it all worth it then?

Is it the thrill of knowing things could go horribly wrong? HELL NO!! Most of us are prepared for the worst

I have never met a competitor who was really deeply inspired by the fear of something like that going wrong (that would be strange right?)

But I have met many competitors inspired by the fear of:

-Letting themselves down
-Being outworked
-Not giving their all
-Stepping on stage knowing they could have given more (worst of all IMO)

But what else inspires us?

Beyond pain, fear, or failure?

Something so so much deeper??

I would propose that it for many, including myself it is:

Knowing we honored ourselves enough to say YES to our dreams & our goals & commit to ourselves

While saying NO to anything that could get in our way or hold us back

This isn’t about the addictive rush on stage (although it’s a big bonus)

It’s about knowing we chose, day in & day out, to commit to OURSELVES; even when it was painful, hard, & seemingly torturous

Because we knew that on the other side of that sprint, meal, posing session, or temptation was the type of self-fulfillment we would only know/feel if...

when the warm lights hit us as soon as we step out from our line backstage & the show began...

We could 100% know, without a doubt, that we gave EVERYTHING we could & did the BEST we could with what we had

THAT’S where our determination comes from

What do you think? Is that what drives you? I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences too

Celeste Rains-Turk

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