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Can you Love Your Body in Both Seasons?

January 31, 20192 min read

Can you Love Your Body in Both Seasons?


Very happy with;
both bodies
both lifestyles
both seasons

I have grown to really love my body even more this improvement season!

There’s a reason for both of these looks and everything I do/have done has been INTENTIONAL

We have to recognize our intentions and accept them

I actually love the ‘extremes’ of competing even though it’s really just an ongoing lifestyle!

But I also like where I’m at.

I can embrace both bodies because both require commitment

The competitor life is different than most.

We can’t just eat whatever we want & expect our body to look stage lean

We can’t come out of a show & eat whatever we want & not expect to gain fat.

We can’t even come out of a show & do a proper reverse & not expect to gain some fat!

The demands we place on our bodies are different than average people.

Which means a lot of average advice won’t cut it for a competitor

It’s really important to have people who GET it that you can learn from

Your closest friends and family want what’s best for you but they might not fully know what it’s like...

Eating for a specific goal day in and day out

Being meticulous with your nutrition and training

Scheduling things to the dot because there’s no way you’re risking missing a cardio session or a meal!

Slowly increasing calories or doing more cardio

Eating the same things more days out of the year than not or trackin

Eating the same things more days out of the year than not or tracking everything

Seeing your body as a result of your actions not just as a physical vehicle for your soul (even though you know it is!)

You’re not just a competitor but it plays a huge role in who you are...

It impacts your lifestyle & your daily choices

Habits begin to influence your thoughts, actions, & beliefs

Your identity can change one day to the next.

One day on stage glammed up after months of prep and the next day no show in mind looking like a Cheeto and wondering what the heck is next?!

Not everyone can understand why coming off of prep can be challenging.

But I’ve been through it & have come out of it!

So, I created a 7 day coaching series to help you through this transition...

Click HERE for access❤️💪🏻

Celeste Rains-Turk

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