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Capitalizing on the Now: what happens when we lose our discipline

May 28, 20192 min read

 Capitalizing on the Now: what happens when we lose our discipline

“I was so disciplined before & now I feel out of control, Idk how I‘ll get back to that version of me, I can’t believe I ended up here, I said I wouldn’t!”

Ahh the # of times I’ve heard this in the last month alone has been so telling of a major problem many of us bikini competitors face post-show

When I hear this I automatically narrow it down to being a result of either:

An identity disconnect, Low self-efficacy, Limiting beliefs w/ limited connection to a new perspective, Goals/plans, & a combination

You can be all in for a few weeks, months, or even a whole year(s)

But as soon as the motive & the reason for that motive is gone you are more likely to lose those habits & behaviors you created to achieve the end result or slowly regress to old or less serving new behaviors.

When prep is over, you need to continue many of the habits to avoid a full rebound but you also need to find your healthy lifestyle balance

It is not as simple as creating a habit in x amount of days & never having to worry about going back to where you were

Otherwise all of this would be as simple as brushing your teeth every day

It comes down to always having a reason to continue with the behavior

Many of us have been conditioned to believe that all problems have immediate solutions that last forever

Unfortunately, that’s not the case

If we apply data to our belief systems we would focus on conscious daily choices more than we do on “fixing” anything

Data really shows us that we need to continuously commit to our growth, healing, & any type of recovery

It‘s NOT linear

It requires multiple phases, new versions of ourselves, & ACTION

To truly “get back” to anything we must detach from the fantasy of doing so & find ways to capitalize on THIS phase right now instead

You’re never going to go back to how you were

That would be far too limiting for someone made for so much more with grand visions like you

Who you were will never return, who you are is what matters now. Take it day by day

Choose one new goal for today & celebrate it with love then set another for tomorrow

You’ll get where you crave to be, & it’s okay to ask for help along the way


Celeste Rains-Turk

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