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Inner Peace Doesn't Come in the Form of a Training Split or Diet

May 02, 20192 min read

Inner Peace Doesn't Come in the Form of a Training Split or Diet

For Mental Health Awareness month let’s recognize what an industry built on being strong & healthy shys away from..

That many of the happiest, healthiest, most put together looking athletes and competitors struggle with some seriously dark demons

It’s time we change that.

First things first, we can’t rely on a new protocol to make us feel better about ourselves. Period.

Yes your diet can and does impact your mental health and how you feel but if you’re struggling with your mental health in regard to your relationship with food and your body, a new program is not going to cut it

Essentially, telling someone who has any problem with food to just change the way they eat, won’t cut it

This is why in extreme cases someone can be diagnosed with an eating disorder

And by disorder they don’t mean the way the food is plated

Yes, training is a powerful tool for relieving anxiety and helping us sleep which ultimately creates better hormonal health and naturally greater mental health

But if your relationship to your body does not support your mental health, the program might as well be considered only physically beneficial (even that is questionable but will save for another day)

SO WHYYY are psychological related problems being treated with physical bandaids?

Honestly? I think because this industry, this sport of bodybuilding itself, doesn’t have a ton of people who are actually providing real tools, systems, or processes for athletes to develop and maintain a healthy relationship with food, their body, and their goals.

Until now 😉

With a combination of my own personal experiences, the personal development programs I’ve been part of, the hundreds of women I’ve coached worldwide, and my Bachelors Degree in Psychology, I’m very confident in the PTG Process I developed SPECIFICALLY for competitors

Want a lil taste? or know someone who could use the help?

Click here to sign up for the 7 day coaching post show series for making peace with food, your body, and your goals

See you in there soon😍

Celeste Rains-Turk

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