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Recap of Build More than Just a Body LIVE in LA 2020

January 27, 20192 min read

Recap of Build More than Just a Body LIVE in LA 2020

WOW! 😭🥰🤩 I am still on a passion high from the Build More than Just a Body LIVE event I hosted yesterday!

The love, energy, openness, & trust in the room was something else

I feel so grateful & so fortunate to have the ability to share my message & mission with people I truly love & care for

This is now my 2nd Live event and I gotta say, it’s something that I can’t get enough of

I know it is only the beginning too

Every woman in the room yesterday held space for each other & walked away with new insights and major takeaways

As they set intentions for the day, focused in on what needed the most attention to move through, and developed new found love for themselves, I could feel shifts happening

The best part about these live events is that we form bonds & find ways we all really connect & relate

I finally got to meet some amazing women after being connected online for so long & reconnect w/ others

I felt so overwhelmed with joy when I found at a client of mine & her sweet family were coming to the event all the way from CANADA

It didn’t feel real until they walked in the doors. Brittany was a client of mine & someone I truly cherish & adore so finally meeting in person was so special for me

Everyone in the room invested their day into personal growth & development & I have no doubt they’ll see a return more than 10x

I got to spend the weekend with some really awesome girls & guiding them through the exercises, action steps, & tools that I know are game changers was really rewarding

We laughed, cried, got tangled in a big knot (lol fail), guided each other through obstacles (literally & figuratively), & most of all we walked away as a group knowing none of us are alone in any of this!

Putting into words the gratitude and pride & complete fulfillment I am feeling is nearly impossible as it is indescribable & only felt through energy and emotion

Thank you girls for coming out, cheers to many more life changing events for women who know that improving their relationship with their body, food, & their goals is an act of self-love worth taking every day🧠❤️

Celeste Rains-Turk

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