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December 10, 20182 min read


I am in such a positive mental state right now & have fully embraced a longer off-season

It’s been nearly 3.5 months since this photo was taken & I’ve been through a helluva lot to say the least😅

I’m feeling positively inspired to take it up a notch & make EVEN better decisions for myself!

I already eat well, train hard, and do the things I love daily.

I’ve given myself a bit of a mental break from being soo regimented!

Doing this allowed me to see where I was reeaallyy trying to harness control in my life.

When I let go, more things flow and now I have that fire in me to do all of this again!

Honestly, screw what anyone says about the way you choose to live
No one knows you like you know yourself!

Stay healthy, stay committed, but do it the way you know will benefit you long term.

It’s okay to take a mental break, especially when you just trust that you can handle it!

Sometimes when things get overwhelming I just repeat to myself: One meal, One rep, One breath, one action, at a time...

I am committed to Nourishing, loving and challenging my body in new ways.

Increasing present moment awareness is a top priority

And aligning all of my intentions to the energy & power of self-love is a non-negotiable❤️

It feels good to seek improvement from a place of peace & content rather than a self-loathing ‘I need to be fixed’ mentality
If you’re struggling with the post-show blues or making it through your off-season feeling confident in your decisions...

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It’s a free post-show campaign I put together with you in mind

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If you know a competitor or a coach to competitors, feel free to send them this blog post!

Lots of love,
Celeste Rains-Turk: Celestial_fit
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