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The 4 Phase Binge/Overeating Cycle and some Steps you can Take to End it Before it Starts Again

April 22, 20192 min read

 The 4 Phase Binge/Overeating Cycle and some Steps you can Take to End it Before it Starts Again

The all too familiar cycle...

So, why does it happen? And how can we make the cycle better?

Well, when you overeat or binge it is likely out of alignment with the version of yourself you’d like to be or see yourself as (your identity)

So, if you take an action that’s not aligned with your identity, say bikini competitor, then you’re going to feel guilty.

Guilt is a phenomenon that describes the feeling we get when we do something we don’t consider normal behavior for ourselves.

So, what do most people do?

Punish / Purge

Restriction or purging can be done in many ways in an effort to “reverse the damage”

Some people do extra cardio or limit their caloric intake, fast, or even try to throw it up

Then what happens?

Hunger sets in and you get a little taste and can’t stop or you make a huge meal because you “haven’t eaten all day”

And the cycle repeats itself...
So, now to overcome it.

Well, I discussed in a recent video getting through phase 1 Overeating and binging (

Phase 2: feeling guilty.
Guilt is an emotional manifestation of an identity disconnect.

Reconnect to who you are and forgive yourself by acknowledging what happened, what triggered it, and how you can use that knowledge for prevention now

Phase 3: Punishing is a result of feeling guilty and bad about it.

It’s also a result of thinking that it is going to destroy you, your body, & who you are so you try to cover that up/ make up for it

This is SO important to stop. This phase is what really creates the perpetuation of the cycle

Putting an end to this part though really involves introspection.

It often times comes down to new expectations & standards to meet the needs of your NEW goals

This is something I guide my clients through for objective guidance to discovery

Phase 4: you get hungry because you’ve either done more cardio or you’ve somehow gotten rid of the food you ate or would have eaten.

If you have a binge or overeat, drink lots of water & tune into your body’s needs.

Eat within 4-5 hours even if it’s something light & build up the meals from there.

Need help mending your relationship with food & your body?

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Celeste Rains-Turk

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