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WHAT DO YOU REALLY WANT?! If you took away the macros, meals, trophies, etc. what is left?

December 21, 20182 min read

WHAT DO YOU REALLY WANT?! If you took away the macros, meals, trophies, etc. what is left?

You can measure, track, and weigh yourself to your best physique but when the entire process is consumed with thoughts like:

‘I’m not good enough!’ ‘I’ll never be ready!’ ‘How is she getting such better results?’ ‘Why can’t I just look like x already?!’

Then we start to miss the whole point altogether

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the mentality of improvement whether that’s on or off of prep

But what would happen if there was no such thing as a measuring cup, scale, or a calculated macro?

Or at least what if there was no connotation around it?

No more thoughts that this number, amount, or result will make me feel/do better.

Because in reality, there’s never enough & there’s always a new level to achieve.

It’s never been about the numbers, stats, or tangible result all along.

It’s about how having a goal that you’d stop at nothing to achieve makes you feel.

It’s about how when you eat x, y, or z you feel more energized!

It’s about how when you step on stage you feel that high you’ve been dying for.

It’s about how you feel when you know you’ve given absolutely everything to something for YOU!

But all of these things can be felt or experienced in every day life.

If there was no stage, if there were no trophies, if there was no physique goal, what else would you WANT?!

This question presents an opportunity to consider the other things in your life that you can LIVE for or STRIVE for (or even just embrace right now!)

Maybe it’s the way your loved ones smile at you

Maybe it’s the way you feel when you’re finally grinding away at a project that you’ve had in your mind for months!

Maybe it’s just enjoying the lifting, eating, & body for what it gives you in the moment & not focusing on constantly manipulating/controlling all of it

In improvement season we must be willing to ask ourselves what will help us feel just as alive, motivated, & fulfilled as we did on prep?

I guarantee you it’s not the numbers, food, or look that you’re chasing as much as it is the feeling that comes from having all of it & knowing you gave everything you had to yourself

What makes you feel ALIVE?!⬇️

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