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Where Does the 'It Factor' Really Come From?

April 08, 20192 min read

Where Does the 'It Factor' Really Come From?

The ‘it’ factor doesn’t always come from a physique.

Many people even argue over who should have won or placed.

But at the end of the day, one person ends up on top, only a few end up with medals/trophies, & only the best choose to keep fighting for their goals regardless of challenges

How can you make sure you set yourself apart?

Commit to the inner work the way you commit to never missing a meal or a cardio sesh.

It will bring you into alignment with the physical actions and the physical result

That’s why I’m on a mission to help bikini competitors to Build More Than Just a Body

I never placed in shows until I addressed the relationship I had with food, my body, & my goals

When I returned to competing in 2017 after 1.5 years off, a 30lb+ rebound in 3 weeks, and a ton of mental healing, my intentions were finally pure

I loved myself more, so everything came from a beautiful loving space rather than a dark space of loathe for myself / body.

The inner work is what let me go detach from the outcome...

I wasn’t doing it for a look or a placing at first

I was doing it because I really wanted to do it for me & just give myself a chance to show myself that I could compete without sacrificing having a normal relationship with myself & food

If it wasn’t for the investments of time, energy, & money I made into expanding my mindset w/ various mentors, programs, & a psych degree then I don’t believe I would have won on my physique alone

The physique is a 100% necessity.

In order to develop a winning physique & presentation you need a mindset that aligns you to consistent positive actions to kill it regardless of how you feel🙅🏻‍♀️

I have developed tools, strategies, & practices that allow myself (& clients) to make peace with food & their body in the improvement season!

I fully know & believe that the women who commit to working on themselves year round on EVERY level will outlast those who don’t

Don’t put up w/ the Post-Show Blues anymore!

Get out of the funk, embrace your body, be comfortable around food, & transform your identity w/ my signature process by Signing up for my free post show blues coaching series HERE

Celeste Rains-Turk

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