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March 26, 20192 min read


Have you ever been self-conscious of your spleen?

Self-consciousness is an interesting thing.

We do not become self-conscious of our internal organs the way we might be self-conscious of our body shape.

So now the question is, why?

Well, our internal organs have no relation to others the way our physical body shape might.

Without others, there would be no self.

There is no reference to your spleen compared to someone else’s unless it wasn’t functioning well & you sought support from others.

As competitors this awareness of our body is heightened as its intertwined with our identity “I look”

Can only be a statement in reference to other people. But why?!

Because, as soon as we reference something in this way we bring it into the real world which then means we bring our self-consciousness into it.

Self-consciousness, is really just heightened awareness of the self as a unique individual

So, when your body becomes part of you, it becomes part of the world which means it becomes comparable to others “Oh, so I’ll just see my body like an organ”

Ah, if only it were that simple

When something becomes part of your self-consciousness, it takes on imaginative forms which guide us to feel GOOD or BAD emotions relative to it

The reflection in the mirror does not illicit gratification or disappointment.

It is the fact that we relate the reflection to the way we see ourselves in other people’s minds

We seek a mold to fit or an identity to be known for that embodies specific characteristics based on what we’ve seen or accepted as true

Bikini Competitors want to be seen as in shape, disciplined, in control, 1%ers, proportioned, relentless, etc

So, if you see yourself in the mirror, not fitting the expected form, you feel ashamed or inadequate

Thus, being self-conscious is a reflection of an identity disconnect expressed through shame, guilt, or other negative emotions.

Ready to overcome these heavy, limiting emotions & beliefs?

Let’s make that happen together.

Click HERE to send me an email and write me with the subject line "Self-Conscious" and then let me know you are interested in finding ways we can work together or I can help you. Even if I can't help you, I might be able to find someone who is a better fit for you or at least get you some resources :) Worth the reach out! Chat soon xx

Celeste Rains-Turk

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