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November 12, 20182 min read



When you love yourself, you are naturally inspired to take care of your body.

When you love yourself, you make healthy, consistent movement and fuel for your body a priority.

When you love yourself, you find ways to get toxic energy, people, and thoughts out of your life.

When you love yourself, you commit to taking one step at a time even when you don’t want to.

When you love yourself, you accept the person you are on your journey to who you’re becoming.

When you love yourself, you create boundaries that keep you sane

When you love yourself, you make time for yourself without questioning it.

When you love yourself, a ‘bad’ day doesn’t turn into a bad week because you make an effort to get on top of it

When you love yourself, choosing a healthy lifestyle isn’t a chore, a diet, or a quick fix; it’s a standard.

When you love yourself, you allow yourself to move through emotions by feeling and honoring them as part of your growth

When you love yourself, make peace with yourself, and accept yourself you have all the strength you need to progress.

Change is possible for anyone at anytime.

But identity shifting is what makes change last as a commitment, a personal standard, and a NON-NEGOTIABLE.

It is more selfish to give people what is left of you rather than what you were born to bring.

Taking care of yourself.
Respecting your Body. 
Honoring your emotions.

Choosing to love yourself through actions, thoughts, and energy...takes away the pain or scariness of change.

Because when you love yourself you don’t have to rely on will power or discipline to keep you from ‘slipping up’

Instead, you have a new, self-loving identity that says I AM WORTHY, DESERVING, and CAPABLE of more!

Want to tap into the power of self-love?

I’m giving away one of my most powerful self-love exercises to anyone who messages me saying ‘self-love practice’
It is an exercise that changed my entire life, I give it to EVERY client of mine because I believe in it THAT much!

Can’t wait to see who says hell yes to this opportunity 💜

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