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Getting Over Self-Consciousness

July 29, 20182 min read


I used to get pretty self-conscious about the way my lips went so high up in my moments of extreme happiness or laughter bursts.
I hated if pictures showed this. I would feel that it was ugly and excessive so I wanted to hide them because my gums were soo pronounced.
Now? I love being happy and laughing more than I could ever care about how I look when I am being happy and Free and totally in the moment.
My current self surrenders more to the embodiment of ‘being’ and this allows me to embrace each moment more. Now when I see a picture of me like this, gums n all, I am so grateful for this happiness because I can reflect upon many times in my life where my mind was my worst enemy and my depressed or anxious demons would torment me and rob me of my happiness.
In no way am I perfect or always happy go lucky. Trust me, I struggle a lot mentally, emotionally, and physically as well.
I have really bad days where I doubt myself, question my every move, feel like a failure, and other negative emotions surface and run a muck in my head. But I consciously choose to recenter, Get help, refocus, channel energy differently, and prioritize just being me and being in the moment.
I also honor my soul and my calling so much more. I do what I know needs to be done even if it is scary or ‘risky’ because I have a deep belief that when we follow our soul, regardless of how scary, everything does work out for us.
What’s the point if you aren’t happy and totally in love with your life anyways?
Can you relate to this? I’d love to hear from you💓

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