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Learning Acceptance

January 19, 20192 min read


SO much of what is showing up in my life right now seems to be directly connected to ACCEPTANCE

👉🏻I need time off from the stage to maintain health and this will help me build which is what I need to do anyways (blessing not a curse)

👉🏻Our vision isn’t always going to pan out how we hope (and it’s not really meant to anyways! Be ok w it)

👉🏻I work myself to the bone as a way of covering up the pain I feel when I have no one to do anything with/hide from going out—this one was hard to admit I’ll be honest
(even though I am always so happy when I PLAY!—accepting that this serves me more than anything!)

👉🏻The universe is so frikkin funny and will literally give you exactly what you want if you let go of the frikkin how.
(I’ve sought a result so hard in one way that I am then surprised to see it manifest completely differently)

👉🏻Sometimes people use you instead of appreciate you (but it’s a boundary you have to set)

👉🏻Not all days go to plan (but everyday is a good day when you get to do what you love)

👉🏻It doesn’t matter how bad someone ‘wants’ something. (They have to take the first step)

👉🏻Friends might not always be nearby or available but it doesn’t mean they don’t exist.
(And I should spend time with people I want to and not feel bad about it)

👉🏻People love different things, mean different things, and have different priorities.
(This doesn’t make them any greater or any less than me it’s just the way they are and I can still love them!)

👉🏻No matter how far you’ve come, there’s always a new level
(Don’t wait to do the fun things and see things for when you have or are x,y,z. Do it now bc everything you’ve been doing has led you to this moment in time and this one and this one)

I swear the lessons go onnnnn but lately I’ve just been so tuned in to what I need to see and learn and be OKAY with these things

Life is truly beautiful and amazing. I am quick to share my struggles but I won’t hold back on wins either

Being present in the moment more often has revealed the weakening thoughts so I can reflect, learn, and accept.

What’s something you’ve learned recently?

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