Many of the Things Others JUDGE you for, your Tribe will LOVE you for??

April 11, 20192 min read


Many of the things others JUDGE you for, your tribe will LOVE you for😍🌟

It’s amazing what happens when you stay committed to yourself and your vision.

The right tribe always comes only when you are true to yourself.

Otherwise you attract the wrong people and never feel like you “fit in” or are “understood”

Never let other people tell you how to live your life or be yourself because the don’t truly know you and you are a GIFT because you are unique.

Find the people who see that in you!

I’ve been so lucky and grateful to have so many supportive uplifting people in my life. 😊

Many of whom saw my best side even when I couldn’t.

But I’ve also had many people judge me, tell me the approach I have isn’t ‘good’ or ‘going to work’, questioned if I’d truly achieve what I set out to, and warn me I should do anything but the things I thought to do.

Many of those times, I knew they were wrong.

I knew they were wrong because I already had enough validation within me.

Without truly believing in, trusting, honoring, and loving ourselves, other voices will win.

To remove power of others over our emotions and thoughts we must first find peace and strength within ourselves

Never let the doubts, fears, and limiting beliefs of others become your own.

And if they do, have the courage to realize it and address the matter head on.
Not just because the outcome will be better.

But also because you deserve to have your own belief system that serves you, empowers you, and takes you places you never even knew you could go... Letting your higher self run the show and other incredible people will appear.

I’ve met / connected with amazing people like all of you, the pros on my podcast, other athletes, amazing biz lovers and go getters because I’ve been myself and nothing less!

Main message for the day?Own YOUR magic 😍🌟 

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