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Meeting Loathe with Love

February 09, 20191 min read


I’m in such a good position right now to achieve my goals!
I can build muscle because I have so much energy, am eating quality foods, and I am actually releasing attachment to the outcome because there is no stage in sight for me!
While there can be many ways to achieve this goal, we have to consider other variables in our life!
In this journey, I’ve been so much more connected to why I did any of this in the first place and it feels freeing honestly.
I’m really happy to be in such a positive mental space and detaching myself from the emotions I feel as a competitor and more so stepping back and seeing what’s best for me and my body right now!
I am conscious of what I do day to day and listen to my body so much more!
I’m having sooo much fun in the gym still and am getting even more confidence in my body because I see the positives more than anything else!
I was afraid of time off before but now I am totally totally totally loving it.
The inner work I did to make peace with myself, my goals, food, and my body have made all the difference
Biggest thing?
Meeting loathe with love.
Anything that makes me feel like crap about myself I meet with a whole lot of love and learning!
What can you do to help yourself meet loathe with love? 

Start by downloading my 18 Ways to Self-Love Guide!❤️

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