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PROVE YOURSELF WRONG; A Simple Strategy for Improving Self-Efficacy

March 13, 20192 min read

Have you ever just reflected on your life and seen all the ways you’ve actually proven yourself wrong?

This is something that has helped me tremendously to increase my self-efficacy which in return has contributed to my overall confidence and zest for life!

There was a time in my life that I thought I would never be able to live without depression.

This caused me so much anxiety in my life at the time!

I got the help I needed, committed to personal development, and made positive self-loving changes in my life that have helped me to change this!

Now a day with depression is so so so so rare for me and even when it comes up I am wayyyy more conscious awareness about it!

Now when I find myself in fear or doubt or confusion i remind myself of times like that where I have proven myself wrong and dug my way out!

Sometimes the best kept secret is the one we haven’t allowed ourselves to reveal

At the deepest parts of us, from our pain and our glory we can find SO many lessons.

It doesn’t have to be anything crazy I mean, at one point you couldn’t even read!!! Now look at you reading this post :’) I know that’s a bit silly but it’s true!

Rather than focusing on what you “can’t” do or “may never” make happen... look at all that you’ve DONE and MADE HAPPEN!

You may be surprised how often you prove yourself wrong.

Now you know that as you grow you’ll continuously be faced with new challenges that will require you to bring the old levels of yourself as teachers and guides!

Develop confidence in your abilities by seeing all the ways you have overcome challenges, faced your fears, or just kept going!! Want extra help with this? I wrote a book, “Believe your way to Badass” that’s all about redefining your beliefs, developing self-love, and manifesting your way to your best most badass self. It actually became a best seller globally!

It’s on sale on amazon! Just click here to get your copy:

the end of the day, our beliefs are driving everything.

Let me know if you purchase it, or what you think of it if you’ve gone through it yourself 😊❤️ #trustyourpath

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