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There's No Such Thing as 'Too Much' You

February 20, 20191 min read

I’ve been “too” skinny, “too” big, “too” happy, “too” sad, “too” wild, “too” boring, “too” extreme, “too” weird, “too” quiet, and plain “too” much for a lot of people.

But to me, there’s no such thing as being “too” much of YOU!

Be all the things
Feel all the things
Express all the things
Do all the things

And when you’re “too much” for someone, just remember, that just means you’re more than enough 😉

And. Being You. Is. Always. Enough.

Oh and it also probably means they have some subconscious bullshit swirling around their physical body that they have yet to sort through, meditate on, or talk to anyone about.

And you being fully and transparently you is just constantly bringing more of that to their consciousness.

Which can be painful for them!

And for some people they like to use that as a way to tell you that because they feel they are not worthy of being enough, then YOU must just be “too much”.

(but that’s none of our business now is it?) 😉

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