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WHOSE LIFE ARE YOU LIVING?! Life from the Subconscious and The Impact of Social Media on Self-Esteem

November 20, 20183 min read


Who is setting your standards?
What research says about social media and self esteem...
Just bc the people you follow on Instagram, who seem amazing, are portraying, lifestyles doesn’t mean it has to be your way!
There’s no doubt that success leaves clues & we can all learn from each other.
But it’s important to also be aware of why we are thinking, acting, and living the way we do.
If it is not because we truly feel a deep desire or are inspired to, then why would we?
For a research report I looked into research that’s been done for the impact of social media on young women.
What they discovered was that most women’s self-esteem DROPPED when they thought their life or actions were different than those with higher perceived likeability or approval basically within society.
(They measured this based on engagement shown on the feed plus positive outcomes / perceptions)
What I’m getting at, is that this life is actually YOURS.
But throughout your life you’ll be influenced psychologically in conscious and mostly subconscious ways.
This means you won’t even realize it.
It’s easy, and naturally expected within the human race, to be influenced by our environments.
Many people just wake up one day & think “shit, this isn’t the life I imagined or dreamed of”
Then they become motivated by PAIN. But what if you could be motivated by pain BEFORE it hits you?
Asking yourself; WHAT HAPPENS IF I DON’T?!
Do what I love, follow my dreams, speak my mind, stand up for myself, set standards, write that book, go to the gym, start journaling, invest in myself, etc...
It’s a choice, it’s a decision, & it’s a commitment to action.
Want to see a change in your life for good but don't know where to start?
Need help just taking the action you KNOW you need to take?
Wish you could just have someone help you figure out the next best action step?
I invite you to apply to my 1:1 self-love, mindset, and personal development coaching. There are bronze, silver, gold, and platinum packages.
With a gold package (the most popular), you will receive a coaching call with me every week, action steps and notes following each call, daily access to me for further questions and support, access to my Exclusive client only Facebook group for even more support, and real, applicable exercises and practices to incorporate in your life!
The bronze is just one call a month, most people know they need more than that but some people really just want to go really deep on one call, implement like crazy, and reconvene the next month!
Imaging what the platinum one looks like?! ;) We won't even get into that right now...first, I need you to apply.
Want to apply and see if this is a good fit for you and for me?
message me telling me you would like to and I will get you the form.
The reason I have you  email me to this is because if we are going to be working closely together to do any and all of the following:
-Release limiting beliefs 
-Unlearn and Relearn Behavior and Thought Patterns
-Address Negative Emotions such as: Self-Doubt, Fear, -Overwhelm, Anger, Anxiety, Guilt, Hurt, Sadness, Low -Self-Esteem, Worth, Confidence, and anything you need to release to move forward
-Up-level in any area of your life with a new mindset
-Anything specific you would like to see improve, grow, or change in your life
then we must be able to communicate with a simple message :)
You in?
Lots of love, 
Celeste Rains-Turk
p.s. I already set a really powerful intention that the right people would click on this post, read it all the way through, get the nudge, and act on their urge to finally say YES to themselves and work with me :)
no need to convince the universe soon xx

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