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Finding Peace in the Now Despite the Past or Expectations

May 24, 20192 min read


Taking time off has allowed me to find where my happiest mediums are

I’ve figured out what making a lifestyle out of all of this means for me right now

And that’s the other thing

Right NOW.

Not based on what I expected, wanted, or where I thought I would have been.

But literally based on the present

I spent a good 2.5 months just being mad about my situation for being forced into a longer off-season

Thoughts like;

“Why me?”
“This doesnt happen to other girls and they’re leaner than me”
“I just want to step on stage again and now this will change things”
“Why can’t I stay as lean, get more muscular faster, have my health remain while lower bf %”
Etc etc etc

I was in my head so much because of all the plans I had made that I could no longer commit to

But I found peace, happiness, and true freedom when I released the attachment to those previous desires

Sure, I thought I’d be competing by this time, but I’m not and I’m far from it

But I also see that this is EXACTLY what I needed

Sometimes we think we are going in the direction that’s right for us until we are forced in a new direction and realize THAT is what’s best for us

Of course, being able to find the positive in everything helps a lot too☀️

Grateful for this time, energy, space, and growth period

So much to expand on and continue to do in my life and improving for next time I do get up on stage

If you find yourself beating yourself up for not being where you wanted to be, thought you’d be, or hoped you’d be, reevaluate what is happening in the here and now

Find the magic, the miracles, and the meaning

When you do that you’ll realize there was way more for you to gain from being here than going there would have ever brought you

This is loving yourself when it’s painful & confusing which makes it extra real / satisfying

Rather than trying to force yourself in a hole where you “should have been” you now make peace with the present

“You are on the right path because you are on your path”-front of graduation card my grandpa got me that is absolutely shockingly perfect for my life philosophy❤️😭

Want to make peace w/ yourself now? Send me an email to see if / how I can help you💜

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