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It's All Perspective, We can Define Anything, Even Ourselves; a Recent Check-In Photo I debated on sharing and Why

May 01, 20192 min read


I’ve gone back and forth on posting this but then I kept finding myself looking at it & decided I would!

I’m really proud of myself and this body and want to show more of it even at this stage now 🙂 and I’m especially excited to see how my posterior chain has changed over these 6.5 months of killin them😎

This was my most recent check in photos I sent to my coach last Friday and I’ll be taking them weekly for a bit

I really like my shape right now and have been loving that I look in the mirror and just feel soooo confident!

This is despite the fact that I don’t have as many lines and cuts as I’d like, but it’s just not the time and place for that right now

Even though I am 30+ pounds up from my last stage weight and my body fat % is much higher, the distribution of my weight hasn’t been too bad and I feel great!

Right now we are doing weekly check-ins because my coach is super conscious of my health and how my body responds right now

I’m really committed to the plans he is giving me because it is very important to me that we learn what works for my body so I can have a successful prep moving forward & create longevity that I want

(why would I rush something I love?)

There’s really no set “goal” right now other than exactly that, just see how my body responds and to what then we can look at all the plans I’ve tentatively set 

My body has been through a lot and honestly, there’s absolutely no need for me to justify or explain any of it

I’m over that at this time

We are all on our own unique lil journeys and everything we are going through and experiencing is perfect for us right now

I’ve learned from, conquered, and overcame many battles that originated in my mind

Because everything we face is really a blessing no matter how painful it is and how little we want to be facing it

It’s in our power to give these experience power. The good and the bad.

Someone might think a bird is annoying in the morning and others love to listen to their singing upon waking

It’s all perspective. It’s all what you make it to be.

And the best part is we get to define ourselves too😊

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