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How a Top Fitness Influencer Triggered Me...HEALTHY IS A LIFESTYLE, NOT A SIZE

July 11, 20184 min read

 How a Top Fitness Influencer Triggered Me...HEALTHY IS A LIFESTYLE, NOT A SIZE

If you want to “#RedefineHealthy” then why would you perpetuate the problem that persists in society on health being related to size?

I think at this point we all know, smaller does not always equal healthier, more muscular doesn’t always equal stronger, and more or less fat doesn’t always equal healthier either.

If you follow my Instagram stories then you would have seen a screenshot I took of a fitness influencer’s post that triggered me.

It was a quote; “goodmorning to everyone except the people who don’t gain weight when they eat whatever they want” with a caption: “I think we can all agree these are pretty much the worst kinds of people” and then a few hashtags, one of which was #redefinehealthy and it honestly made me so mad.

How can someone who preaches redefining healthy also make a statement like this? It was maybe a joke but that doesn’t make it funny... and the caption made it even worse.

First of all, you don’t know what someone who ‘eats whatever they want and doesn’t gain weight’ is actually going through. Maybe they want to gain weight? Maybe they are perfectly healthy? Maybe they just don’t give a crap about what they put in their body? Maybe they don’t know how to fuel their body? Maybe they don’t make judgement on food they eat and choose to eat what appears to be whatever they want but in reality is what they need to fulfill their bodies needs? 

AND WHY WOULD YOU SAY THESE ARE THE 'WORST' TYPES OF PEOPLE. Maybe what it really is, is that you just care about the way your body is shaped, not about the way you fuel your body, and the only reason you don't eat whatever you want is because you either think:
A. I can't achieve my goals indulging in other foods I love
B. Restriction = Healthier
C. I don't actually care about the fuel, just the shape it brings me, but I can't get the shape I want eating whatever I want.

Second of all, healthy does not equal a shape or size. In many cases, we can see that having too much or too little fat can lead to less than healthy states of function for the body.

Third, I’m not one to promote abusing the body. I believe it’s our soul’s greatest asset and should be treated as such fueling it with nutrient dense foods. But here’s the thing, some people can eat all of these ‘health’ foods and suffer from discomfort in their gut, weight gain, weight loss, or other physical symptoms where it makes them qualified ‘unhealthy’ in some way shape or form.

Fourth, understand how words impact people, even subconsciously. If we perpetuate this, then we accept it, and accepting it is NOT okay. We should be setting a new standard in the industry as coaches, trainers, and professionals, NOT feeding the standard that has caused numbers for things like obesity, eating disorders, mental illnesses, and yo-yo dieting to rise.

Fifth, I recognize that I’m different and not everyone has to believe in what I do or believe. I emphasize the importance of self-love and mindset when most of these ‘professional experts’ in the industry promote changing the diet and the exercise routine you follow... those things are important, but they do not matter or make a difference if you don’t love yourself enough to value them or see the necessity for your soul which can naturally inspire you to take care of your body. 

Why do you think the industry has grown to billions of dollars and yet those statistics are as they are? We NEED to shift the focus...change the REAL. 

This will likely spark some level of controversy but I am not going to sit on the sidelines when thousands of people can be impacted by or partake in messages that just don’t solve the problems they claim to be ‘fixing’. 

If you want to change the industry, you can’t profit off the things that have led to its failures in truly serving people.

I am on a mission to help others build more than just a body. I will give my heart and soul to this mission till I die. 

And if that means risking being ‘controversial’ or ‘confrontational’ or ‘different’ then GOOD, it’s about time we start bringing awareness to the darkness. 

What are your thoughts on this? Comment below!

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