Who is Celeste Rains-Turk?

May 17, 20182 min read


I haven’t really shared much of who I am or what I’ve gone through over the years & I have so many amazing new people here that I feel called to...I’m Celeste Rains-Turk, an online fitness coach, self love, confidence & mindset mentor.

The last three years I’ve been able to achieve amazing things with lots of passion, focus, & aligning with the universe. I got certified as a personal trainer through the national academy of sports medicine&launched my business at 18. Met my bf & love of 3+ years.

Lost myself in toxic relationships with myself, food, exercise, & other people. Suffered with depression, anxiety, & suicidal tendencies. Turned my life around w/ personal development through therapy, self love practices, mindfulness, & rewiring of my mindset. Hired a business mentor & launched my online coaching biz fully.

Withdrew my commitment to play college volleyball to wholeheartedly pursue my passion & mission in the fitness industry. Worked as a virtual assistant and in gym trainer while doing all this. Became a coach in my first mentors program. Hired a mindset mentor and spiritual mentor/healer & invested more money on mentors & coaching than i even had to my name (over $25k) but somehow never went into debt & never have been.

Wrote a best selling book “Believe your way to Badass” to help others redefine their beliefs, develop their self love, & manifest their way to their best most badass self. Got interviewed on 15+ podcasts, online series, masterminds,& more.
Received my associates degree in clinical nutrition & dietetics in 1 year taking as many classes as possible year round. Started studying for BS in psychology which I’ll be done with this time next year.

Speaking on numerous stages with crowds ranging from 20-250people. Deciding I had a healthy enough mind & body to begin competing again, fell in love with bodybuilding.

Just Went full time in my business. Launched my podcast, “Confessions of a Bikini Pro” (on iTunes!). I am continuously seeking more growth in my life. I am helping people worldwide build more than just a body with my 7 step system to aligning inner work with physical results.

I’d love to learn more about you & your life ❤️ tell me a bit about you? Feel free to comment below or contact me 💓

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