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GERI BERGER:Are you too Old to Compete? Education > Deprivation, Competing as a Lifestyle

May 18, 20181 min read


In this episode, Celeste Rains-Turk speaks with Geri Berger, Team Elite warriors head coach and seasoned competitor who consistently places top 5 in pro bikini and has graced the Arnolds Classic Australia stage and the Olympia. 

She is the regional general manager and partner of Island Club & Spa, a high end luxury fitness club and spa in Honolulu, Hawaii and as an IFBB bikini pro, she continues to inspire, motivate and educate individuals on being the best that they can be at any age.

Tune in to hear Geri open up on making competing a lifestyle and all about how she manages being a full time business owner, trainer, mom, and professional athlete.

Learn about how she has instilled the message of education over deprivation in her son and all her athletes.

​Plus, hear about her doctor's take on the one thing she does every week (that her coach may not know about) that has helped her to stay healthy in competing.

Connect with Geri:
Instagram: geriberger_ifbbpro

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